The Art of Plastic Reduction to Save Wildlife at Carnegie Vanguard High School

This blog was co-authored by Cason Hancock, a senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. In recent months, reports on the harmful effects of single-use plastics for both humans and wildlife have gone viral in the news and on social media. The news for many comes as no surprise, but the lingering question remains – what […]

Enormous Mother’s Day Announcement

Asian Elephant Approaching Conclusion of Two Year Pregnancy The Houston Zoo has made a HUGE Mother’s Day announcement – Asian elephant Tess is pregnant, and after a two-year gestation, the 35-year-old Asian elephant will give birth this summer. Tess is one of the Houston Zoo’s nine Asian elephants, and mother to Tucker (13) and Tupelo […]

Campers Give Elephants the Gift of Grub Through Beautiful Browse Bouquets

Principle Goes to the Zoo

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