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Aquatic Animals

About Aquatic Animals

Whether you’re peering into an ocean, lake, river, or other body of water, you’re bound to find an array of beautiful and diverse aquatic animals. From coral reefs to mucky, slow-moving rivers, these animals in these environments couldn’t be more diverse or amazing.

Your first stop for aquatic animals is Kipp Aquarium. Underwater environments there recreate exotic places, like the ocean reefs of Australia and local environments of the Texas coast. Natural Encounters has several aquatic tanks, housing an ocean reef, jellies, four-eyed fish and a large tank full of piranha with a tunnel kids (and adventurous adults!) can crawl through. Don’t miss our beautiful outdoor aquatic environment at the Reflection Pool, with its many koi fish.


Aquatic Animal Facts

aquatic facts

Featured Animals

giant pacific octopus
moon jelly

Our Aquatic Animals


Bird Wrasse

Blue Tang


Denison’s Barb

Giant Pacific Octopus

Green Moray Eel

Green Sea Turtle

Japanese Sea Nettle

Lined Seahorse


Long Horned Cowfish

Moon Jelly

Peacock Wolf-Eel

Pinecone Fish

Red-bellied Piranha


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